Do you need to divert the company phone calls to Singapore mobile / overseas mobile or fixed line at low cost?

Call Forwarding Singapore Service

  • $20 Setup Fees (One-time)
  • Secure Online Payment using Master, Visa, Paypal, AMEX.
  • Dedicated Phone Number issue to client.
  • Dedicated phone number starts with “3” (Example: 38178888).
  • 24/7 call forwarding to any Singapore or overseas mobile / Land Line (Fees Apply).
  • Free caller ID, call forwarding feature.
  • Improves company image compared to putting handphone numbers on namecards, letterheads and website.
  • No telephone line subscriptions, purchase of analog telephone set, and line installation charges.

Complimentary Fax-to-Email Feature includes:

  • Free Incoming faxes and free forwarding of the faxes in PDF format to client’s designated email address
  • Free 12 months shared fax number with minimum 12 months call forwarding service signup
  • Local out-going fax charges applies (50 Cents for every page, faxing to overseas number not available)
  • S$15/Month [S$180 for 12 Months Service + S$20 Setup Fees]
  • S$12/Month [S$288 for 24 Months Service + S$20 Setup Fees included]

Purchase our Call Forwarding Services (For Singapore Registered Companies Only) online by clicking on the “Buy Now” button!

 Need More Information on our Call Forwarding Singapore Service?

  • We will need you to subscribe to our services online with plenty of payment options – Visa, Master, Paypal, AMEX (Through Paypal) or you can signup the Call Forwarding Services at our office with our in-house friendly Customer Service Officers.
  • A Singapore Telephone Number will be issued to you which you can use for printing of your company namecards, websites, and other corporate stationery.
  • Each time a Caller is calling through your Company’s Telephone Number, the phone call is diverted to your designated mobile number 24 hours / day.
  • You can also opt for have all calls to your telephone number routed to a voice mail system which will be forwarded via email as wav file for you to access at your convenient time.

Why Choose Us?

  • No more investment in PABX Systems, telephone wiring in your office premises.
  • Low Monthly Fee for using our Call Forwarding Services as opposed to hiring a full-time receptionist.
  • When you outsource your call forwarding, you no longer need to go through the hassle of recruiting, training of the staff.
  • No incoming calls limit for Call Forwarding Services, 24 Hours daily.
  • Utilizing the Call Forwarding Services will help small firms to gain professional image while incurring low cost comparing to hiring a full-time staff

Call Forwarding Rates Per Minute (in SGD) (Enjoy Substantial Call Savings to forward to Singapore & Overseas Number at Reasonable Rates!) 

Singapore: $0.014
China: $0.05
Hong Kong: $0.05
India: $0.05
Indonesia: $0.14, Indonesia (Jakarta): $0.08
Japan: $0.05
Malaysia: $0.04
Myanmar: $0.34
Philippines: $0.24
Thailand: $0.04
Vietnam: $0.20
South Korea: $0.05
Taiwan: $0.08
Iran: $0.27
Saudi Arabia: $0.20
Pakistan: $0.18
Cambodia: $0.20
Germany: $0.05
Spain: $0.08
Italy: $0.05
Ireland: $0.05
Belgium: $0.05, Belgium Mobile: $0.49
Portugal: $0.05
Denmark: $0.08
Netherlands: $0.05, Netherlands Mobile: $0.21
Sweden: $0.08
Ukraine: $0.26 Ukraine Mobile: $0.52
Czech Republic: $0.09, Czech Republic Mobile: $0.18
Croatia: $0.21, Croatia Mobile: $0.59
Turkey: $0.10, Turkey Mobile: $0.28
UK: $0.05, UK Mobile: $0.40
Switzerland: $0.05, Switzerland Mobile: $0.70
Estonia: $0.12, Estonia Mobile: $0.56
Serbia: $0.28, Serbia Mobile: $0.63
South AmericaAfrica
Brazil: $0.20
Argentina: $0.12 Brazil: $0.20
Argentina: $0.12, Argentina Mobile: $0.28
Colombia: $0.26
Uruguay: $0.14, Uruguay Mobile: $0.40
Chile: $0.12
Cameroon: $0.34, Cameroon Mobile: $0.54
Nigeria: $0.18
Egypt: $0.20, Egypt Mobile: $0.26
Senegal: $0.45, Senegal Mobile: $0.75
Gabon: $0.80
OceaniaNorth America
Australia: $0.05, Australia Mobile: $0.14
New Zealand: $0.05 New Zealand Mobile: $0.12
Mexico: $0.12
Canada: $0.05
Costa Rica: $0.18
USA: $0.05

*All prices are subject to change

Looking for a Shared Fax number for your company?

All incoming faxes will be forwarded to your personal email address during office hours as forwarding of faxes are done manually.